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Dr. Jason J. Koenig, D.C., D.A.A.P.M.

Dr. Koenig received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1996 from Parker University in Dallas, Texas and received his B.S. from Samford University in Birmingham, graduating Magna cum Laude in 1992. He is State and National Board Certified. Dr. Koenig has been in practice since 1996 and in his solo practice in Hoover since 1998. He has extensive post-graduate education in functional endocrinology and a Diplomate from the American Academy of Pain Management. Dr. Koenig has his certification to practice acupuncture from the University of Western States, a certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Texas Chiropractic College, a certification in the treatment of whiplash injuries, and a utilization review certification from the Spine Research Institute in San Diego. Dr. Koenig is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, the Alabama State Chiropractic Association, the Jefferson County Chiropractic Society, The Institute for Functional Medicine, and the American Functional Medicine Association. He is currently the Treasurer for the Jefferson County Chiropractic Society.


Dr. Koenig uses a holistic or "whole person approach". This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function. Using this unique approach, Dr. Koenig is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health. Dr. Koenig prefers a multidisciplinary approach to health care as well. Choosing to be a complimentary provider to traditional medical care when possible rather than an alternative to it. Dr. Koenig makes an effort to communicate treatment plans and treatment rational to the entire health care team of the patient.


Dr. Koenig has been active in the community as a college pharmacology and anatomy instructor, high school soccer coach, and as a certified trainer in CPR and Back Safety for the American Red Cross. Dr. Koenig was chosen to serve on the 1996 Olympic Medical Services staff here in Birmingham. In 2001 the practice was honored with the Alabama Small Business Association's District Director's Choice Award.

Post-Graduate Training & Certifications

Mastering The Thyroid - Charlotte - Dr. Noseworthy - 6/24-26/2016

Functional Medicine Masters - Philadelphia - 5/20-21/16

A Wholistic Approach to Cardiovascular Health - Dr. Gaeta - Atlanta - 5/14-15/16

Functional Medicine Masters - Orange County - 3/18-19/16

Organics Acids Workshop - Atlanta - 3/12/16

Functional Medicine Masters - Denver - 2/25-26/16

Institute for Functional Medicine - Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice - Atlanta - 2/4-6/16

Institute for Functional Medicine - Case Based Approach - Dallas - 1/16/16

Functional Medicine Masters - Irvine, CA - 12/4-5/15

Functional Medicine Masters - Chicago - 10/16-17/15

Functional Medicine Masters - Philadelphia - 8/13-14/15

Autoimmune Signaling Systems and Blood Glucose Issues - Charlotte - 7/25/15

Functional Medicine Masters - Irvine, CA - 7/17-18/15

Functional Medicine Masters - Chicago - 5/15-16/15

Functional Blood Chemistry - Atlanta - Rhonda Nelson, PhD, MH - 5/2-3/15

Functional Medicine Masters - Denver - 4/17-18/2015

Achieving Outstanding Outcomes With Functional Wellness - Chicago - Dr Kim Christensen - 3/21-22/2015

Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry - Dallas, TX - Brandon Brock - 2/27-3/1/2015

Functional Medicine Masters - Orange County, CA - 2/20-21/2015

Comprehensive Stool Analysis Detox, Gluten & Antibiograms - 12/7/2014

Functional Medicine Masters - Scottsdale, AZ - 12/5-6/2014

Adrenal & Thyroid Health - Atlanta, GA - Dr. Schippel - 11/08-09/2014

Clinical Nutrition - Atlanta, GA - David Hogsed LAc, AP - 9/9-7/2014

Balancing Female & Male Hormones Throughout Life - 5/17/2014

Essential Herbal Therapy for the 21st Century - Burgoyne - 3/22-23/2014

Practical Aging Management - Brockenshire - 1/25/2014

Lab Testing & Analysis - David Hogsed LAc, AP - 11/02-03/2013

Farms To Forks Conference - 6/28-30/2013

Power Foods For The Brain - Neal Barnard, M.D.

Weighing In On The Weight Debate - Jeff Novick, MS, RN, LD, LN

Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease - Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., M.D.

Getting Along Without Going Along - Doug Lisle, Ph.D.

Herbal Medicine Safety Issues - Hogsed, DOM - 2/10/2013 

Acupuncture Essentials - Hogsed, DOM - 2/10/2013 

Acupuncture Risk Management - Hogsed, DOM - 2/10/2013

Documenting For Physicians Quality Reporting (PQR) - Frawley - 2/9/2013 

Common Drugs That Deplete Essential Nutrients - Hogsed, DOM - 2/9/2013 

Top 10 Blood Tests to Use With Patients - Dr Furlong - 2/9/2013

Complex Spine Conditions & Communication - Ingrando - 2/9/2013 

Seven Commonly Misdiagnosed Disorders in Clinical Practice - Dr Kleber - 2/8/2013 

The Foot-Pelvis Connection: Lower Extremity Biomechanics - Dr Agocs - 2/8/2013 

Nutritional Assessment for Digestive Complaints - Dr Latter - 2/8/2013

Balancing Blood Chemistry with Clinical Nutrition - Dr Kleber - 2/8/2013

The 7 Pillars of Health - Dr Stuart White - 2/2-3/2013

Alabama State Chiropractic Assoc Convention - 6/9/2012

Integrating Nutrition in Practice - Dr Chad Guess 5/5-6/2012

University of Western States Acupuncture Certification - 12/2-4/2011

University of Western States Acupuncture Certification -  11/4-6/2011

University of Western States Acupuncture Certification - 10/7-9/2011


University of Western States Acupuncture Certification - 9/9-11/2011

Acupuncture For Pain Conditions - Samford University 8/18/2011

Lifestyle Medicine - Harvard Medical School 6/25/2011  

Restorative Endocrinology - Hair Mineral Analysis 4/7/2011

Functional Medicine - Neurotransmitters - Dr. White 3/24/2011

Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification - Texas Chiropractic College 1/30/2011

Nutrition for the Wellness Practice - Dr. Bond 1/28-30/2011

Applied Nutrition - Dr. Bond 11/11-14/2010

Applied Nutrition for the Health Professional - Dr. Robbins 3/13-14/2010

Applying Laboratory Evaluations to Improve Clinical Outcome 2/20-12/2010

Acute Remedies for the Non-Injecting Physician 2/16/2010

Clinical Posture Practice - Dr. Steven Weiniger 2/6-7/2010

Nutritional & Herbal Therapy for Common Health Issues 11/7-8/2009

Detoxification & Weight Loss: Metabolic Biotransformation - Dr. Bruce Bond 5/2-3/2009

Balancing Male Steroid Hormones Naturally - Dr. Janet Lang 3/21-22/2009

Functional Nutritional Assessment: Clinical Tools for Everyday Practice 2/15/2009

Foundations for Successful Weight Management 2/14/2009

HIV/AIDS: Education Update and Immune Support 2/14/2009

Prevention of Medical Errors: Quality and Safety in the Herbal Industry 2/13/2009

Essential Nutrition for the Less-Than-Perfect Lifestyle 2/13/2009

Clinical Consideration for Orthotic Use 2/12/2009

Nutritional Concepts Part II - Dr. Stuart White 01/17-18/2009

Egoscue Postural Exercise Workshop 12/13-14/2008

Nutritional Concepts Part I - Dr. Stuart White 11/8-9/2008

Alabama Board Rules and Regulations 9/28/2008

Natural Alternatives to the Top Ten Health Complaints - Dr. Dobbins 9/6-7/2008

Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics - Dr. Bruce Bond 5/17-18/2008

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Chiropractic Research: Year in Review 4/16-17/2005

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Outcome Assessment of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex 11/15-16/2003

Chiropractic Research: Year in Review 4/26-27/2003

Multi-Discipline Spine Symposium 8/10/2002

Superior Deposition Strategies in Alabama Civil Trial 12/18/2001

Diplomat in the American Academy of Pain Management 10/22/2001

Interactive Clinical Assessment Program 11/21/2000

Dr. Black: Utilization Review Certification 11/18-19/2000

Dr. Black: Utilization Review 10/21-22/2000

Advanced Certification: Spine Research Institute of San Diego 10/12/2000

Keys to Effective Expert Witness Examination in Alabama 10/11/2000

Primary Assessment Program 10/3/2000

Clinical Assessment Program 10/1/2000

Dr. Black: Utilization Review 9/22-23/2000

Dr. Black: Utilization Review 8/26-27/2000

Dr. Black: Utilization Review 7/22-23/2000

Whiplash 2000: The Master's Certification Program 7/15-16/2000

Whiplash 2000: The Master's Certification Program 5/6-7/2000

Whiplash 2000: The Master's Certification Program 4/1-2/2000

Trying the Soft Tissue Injury Case in Alabama 6/10/1999

Examination and Treatment of the Cervical and Low Back 6/13-14/1998

Stress to the Human Skeleton: Chiropractic & Diagnostic Imaging 6/13/1997

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